Advertising was launched in 2002 and offers advertisers a variety of advertising and promotional opportunities delivering your special offer, promotion, product or service to over 2 million subscriptions targeting over 40 popular subject categories using our own proprietary delivery platform.

Our members subscribe to Prize365 and select the target categories of interest to them, in the knowledge that they will receive promotional email content delivered by us from our advertising partners. In addition to receiving interesting special offers and promotions targeted to their specific interests, Prize365 members also benefit from being automatically entered in to the draw for the prize sponsored by the advertiser delivering the promotional message.

With only those members who actually receive and view the full content of each promotional mail being entered into the prize draw, we achieve an extremely high interest and mail viewing ratio, benefiting our advertising clients by reaching a large volume targeted audience.

Advertisers wishing to communicate with our member subscribers must also provide a prize to associate with their promotion which will be randomly awarded to one of the members who views your promotional message. Prizes are shipped directly from to the winner and news is published on the website to provide additional PR for our advertising clients.

Advertising Options

User Interface Pages - Place your advertising campaign infront of all our new and existing subscribers.

Solo Promotional Mail - Deliver your rich media html promotional emails to your desired target audience groups.

Members Newsletter - Feature in our monthly subscribers newsletter for mass market audience reach.

Please contact us for options, specifications and availability.