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Launched in 2002 is a free members platform for our subscribers to join and receive special offers discounts and promotions from our advertisers.

Our members sign-up to knowing that they will receive special offers, discounts and promotions that are targeted towards thier specific interests and are provided with total control over the content they receive with the ability to add or remove target categories at any time from thier member account. Advetisers provide a prize to be randomly awarded to any member who opens and views any of the sponsors email messages so in addition to receiving promotional content our members have the chance to win a free prize every day. continues to attract website visitors and new members from around the world through a variety of marketing strategies and currently benefits from over 100,000 members and two million subscriptions receiving our sponsors content to more than 40 target interest categories. We deliver and track all content to our members and also manage prize acquisition, prize delivery and public relations for each campaign.

Advertising Options

We offer a number of marketing opportunities across our network of sites through a variety of content delivery solutions.

Our network benefits from over 200,000 member subscribers that we deliver the latest promotions and special offers direct to the inbox and across more than 200 sites.

We promote your brand to our audience and members through:

Creative Ad Media
Casino Brand Listings
Featured Casino Listings in our Daily Player Newsletters
Solo Promotional Mail Drops to all our subscribers

We provide our service with a simple one time setup fee per brand/campaign and lifetime revenue share commission from all referred customers that we deliver to you.

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