Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone signup to
Yes. Anyone can signup to and your subscription is totally free.

How do I signup to
Simply enter your email address into the subscription box located on the website home page. You will instantly receive an email that will enable you to confirm your email address.

What do I do when I have confirmed my email address?
When you have confirmed your email address, follow the on screen instructions to complete your personal contact details. We need your contact details to be able to deliver your prize should you win one.

How do I subscribe to the different subject categories?
Once you have completed your personal contact details you can choose the subject categories of interest to you by checking the boxe next to the category. You can select as many categories of interest as you wish. You will only receive promotional emails from advertisers targeting that subject category.

How do I change my account information or subscription categories?
Once you have signed up to, simply enter your email address in the subscription box and a email will be instantly sent to your mailbox with a link that will enable to you to login and edit your account information.

Why am I not receiving any of the advertisers promotional emails?
Sometimes your email client can mark rich media emails as potential spam or junk mail. To avoid this happening, please add to your email whitelist.

How often does Prize365 send promotional emails?
The frequency of promotional emails can vary depending on a number of factors including advertiser scheduling and availability. We only ever send out a maximum of one promotional email per day and some days we do not send out any promotional emails.

How often does Prize365 send out it's newsletter?
Our newsletter is delivered once per month in html format and contains news and information about the latest promotions and prize winners.

How do I unsubscribe?
Login to your account and follow the Delete Account instructions at any time. Also, at the footer of every promotional email and newsletter is an unsubscribe link.

How are the prizes awarded?
All promotional emails are delivered in html format and contain a small line of code that connects with our Mailing platform. When you view the images contained in the mail by opening it, our platform recognises your account and automatically enters you into the draw to win the prize supplied by the mail sponsor.

How do you notify prize winners?
Winners are selected from the automatic entries by our random number generator and notified by email and telephone by our staff. Winners must confirm the address for delivery and generally we ship prizes directly for the previous month at the start of the following month. Prizes are shipped from our offices in the UK or Sweden, and can take up to a few weeks to arrive depending on your location in the world. We will never ask you to pay any fees to process or receive your prize in any circumstances and if you are ever approached by anyone asking for these fees, please ensure that you do not pay and report it to us via our contact form.

Am I responsible for any import taxes or custom duty on my prize?
Yes. If there any import taxes or custom duty fees to be paid on your prize, you will be liable. All prizes are marked as Prize Gifts so generally are not subject to any additional fees, but please check your local laws.

Is there any age restriction for subscription?
No. You can subscribe at any age and will only recieve appropriate promotional emails for your age group and subjects of interest.

What if I have to contact you regarding a question that you haven't answered here?
Please contact our Support Team.